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Tech Kidz Africa is a program that is set to explore and train Children in Technology and character development. Children are introduced to technology history, trends, Software development, Robotics, Graphics and character development. The program works with kids with curiosity in technology by directing their interests to constructive hands on and fun trainings.

Due to the existence of technology and high number of children with curiosity in technology devices and the fact that the whole world is sharing the same information after every few minutes, it’s a pity that an African child cannot be compared with a child in Europe, reason? The Kenyan education system is still the same whereby it doesn’t have enough exposure to the young generation from two decades go yet technology is dynamic on daily basis. We can’t blame the governments but theres something we can always do to bridge the gap.

Despite all those challenges, young Kenyans have been introduced to technology late but they have been able to produce among leading innovations in the world. What if we introduce young children to technology constructively? Thus Tech Kidz Africa is an initiative to nature young kids with software and Robotic skills.